Healthy WR Rice Playing At High Level

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 12, 2009 – 8:53 am

After a 31-reception and 4-TD rookie season, Vikings WR Sidney Rice began his NFL career playing at a high level and was validating his status as a 2nd-round draft pick.

But then the injury bug bit early in his sophomore season a year ago and his progression was slowed. As we mentioned on the blog last week, Rice worked hard in the offseason and after 2 consecutive games with TDs this season in Weeks 3 and 4, Rice seemed to be taking the next step in his progression.

Although he didn’t find the endzone on Sunday, we received more confirmation that Rice has stepped up his game. A line of 3 receptions for 61 yards might not jump out at you – although a 20.3 -yard per catch average is tremendous – but it’s when and how he made a couple of those grabs that should catch your attention.

Rice’s 1st catch of the afternoon came on the Vikings 1st play from scrimmage – an 11-yard strike on a slant route that gave the Vikings a nice start to their opening drive. Eventually, that series ended in a TD and allowed the Vikings to build an early 14-0 lead. Rice’s 2nd reception was of highlight-reel caliber, as he battled Rams CB Bradley Fletcher for the ball deep down the right sideline for a 47-yard gain. That play eventually helped lead to another Vikings TD.

Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress cited several reasons when asked about Rice’s progression and trend of quality performances.

“The biggest thing that I see is he’s healthy,” Childress said initially. “He was not a healthy player last year; he was hurt in Game Two and never quite got all of his faculties back. I think you’re seeing what a healthy guy can do and he’s developed a good rapport with the quarterback.

“He’s (Brett Favre) put the ball up and allowed him to try and make some plays, whether it’s a play in the back of the endzone or a play that results in pass interference. And then he’s coming up with some catches with people standing next to him. He’s playing at a high level right now and he’s blocking at a high level.”

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3 Responses to “Healthy WR Rice Playing At High Level”

  1. By Fogman on Oct 12, 2009 | Reply

    It took a while, but the team had faith in Sidney and he is showing what he can really do given a QB that he is on the same page with……..Too bad his buddy Wiliamson wasn’t as good as advertized. Man would that be something on the same team, eh?

  2. By Viking-ology on Oct 12, 2009 | Reply

    Thanks to Favre, Rice is gaining confidence every week. He is becoming a big part of thier offense, I’m glad he is breaking through.

  3. By Deborah on Oct 6, 2010 | Reply

    As a Patriots Fan…I am OUTRAGED to hear that the Krafts have not re-done Mosses contract even though he has a year on it left——Look-he is a big part of why we won a Superbowl–He is as vital now as he was back then—-He wants a new contract because he wants to get paid next year when the Collective Bargaining thing comes down…He has contributed high quality behavoir and game playing-He deserves to be rewarded and respected because of this…He is a Hall of Famer and you just don’t go letting Hall of famers that are still producing walk out your door–I am so disgusted with the Krafts I want to throw up in their faces…I have always admired and respected the Krafts but they have just put a large hole in the admiration that I had for them…..This is a tragedy to New England Fans and to the Patriots organization….There is no better receiver out there to replace Randy Moss…He is not replaceable and that on the business front is why this is so stupid that the Krafts are doing this….It would be a bit different IF there was someone out there that they were going to replace Moss with that is better than Moss…there is NO ONE…So what kind of a business decision is this?? ………Built on the Krafts ego? …….We ought to be outraged and flood their emails…even if it is probably too late…..I will miss Randy Moss and I thank him for all his hard work, ethics and experience that he brought our team.. I wish him the best of luck, just not when we play his new team. Thank you for contributing so much to the Patriots and I am sorry you are being treated with so much disrespect after everything you gave New England–I am a female football fan becasue of Randy Moss-I got started watching football in New England by watching the Vikings tandem of Cris Carter and Randy Moss and I loved that excitement and Moss got me hooked.

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