Not Caught Up In The Numbers

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 8, 2009 – 4:31 pm

The St. Louis Rams enter this week’s contest against the Vikings ranked last in points per game, 30th in both passing yards and rushing yards per game, and 27th in turnover ratio. The Vikings, meanwhile, are 4-0 and coming off a couple of exciting wins over San Francisco and Green Bay.

But none of those figures enter Vikings assistant head coach/defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier’s mind as he prepares his defense to hit the road and play the Rams this weekend.

“I don’t caught up in the numbers because when you watch the Packers (vs. Rams) game, they were really in that game, and they scored some points,” Frazier said on Thursday. “They were moving the football. Even a week ago against San Francisco, they were moving the ball.”

If that were the case, you might ask, then what’s the reason for such low rankings in the above-mentioned key statistical categories? Frazier has an answer, and it’s clear he’s not floating a bunch of hyperbole to just say the right thing.

“But then they’d do something to hurt themselves – a penalty or turnover,” Frazier explained. “All of sudden they couldn’t overcome some of that and it mushroomed on them. But they were effectively moving the football in that game a week ago, and they really moved it well against Green Bay.”

Frazier is right on the money. Any positive momentum the offense has been able to generate has been negated by either penalties or turnovers. St. Louis is the NFL’s most penalized team on offense and they are -4 in turnover ratio.

But again, Frazier stressed that he’s not caught up in statistical rankings. Rather, he’s focused on taking steps to correct errors and improve the defense. He also knows, from his playing days and his 11 years of NFL coaching experience, that anyone can beat anyone.

“You just have to always remind yourself that you’re in the National Football League,” Frazier emphasized. “We’ve all seen it, where teams have not played very well but that one particular Sunday, they played their best ball. And you just have to make sure you’re up to the task; it happens, that’s the NFL.”

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4 Responses to “Not Caught Up In The Numbers”

  1. By Josh on Oct 9, 2009 | Reply

    Well as a vikings fan, I have to say that although Brett Favre has done an amazing job, he is not the only one carrying this team! This team has amazing talent from Peterson to Allen, and should be givin credit! This team has made it before without Favre and to say he is carrying this team is an outrage. A team is made of individual talent brought together to make a family of complete success to obtain one goal…to win. All I heard on Sports news was, Brett Favre this and Brett Favre that. Brett Favre made that amazing pass and carryied the team. BULL. Did anyone see that catch? I speak for everyone saying, that this reciever deserves more credit. Although Favre is a great asset to this team, I stick with my Purple by saying a team is only as good as its players, not player……stick to our roots and have him earn his right to play as a “purple people eater.”


  2. By HornedHelm on Oct 9, 2009 | Reply

    Let the sports writers say that “farvre” is carrieng the team. If the team as a whole is thinkking as a team, then this will be used as an advantage. The more hype about Farvew the bigger year adrian will have, so if AP can be a little more patient, His day will come and it is going to be a record breaker. Brett is what he is, Don’t hate hime for the media trying to make increase ratings. I’m concerned with Hutchenson, I don;t think our last two games run yardege has something to do with his injury. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. By HornedHelm on Oct 9, 2009 | Reply

    Meant to say that I hope I am wrong that his injury is not the part of the reason for the low yards.

  4. By blacknblue on Oct 10, 2009 | Reply

    Well I said from the get go when I was opposed to favre being a viking to begin with this was the angle the media was going to take. It’s brett vikings, bretts supperbowl etc. I agree AP will have those games where he is caged in but what botherd me a bit more was how our run D has been looking. I expected to see the huge holes comming from our Off line not the opponents the last few weeks. I’m seeing AP bounce off the middle of the pile and wing it to the sidelines. None of the huge holes like in the past lately. He looks frustrated too especialy after that mugging er “fumble” last week. Those are lame fumbles (bears do it big time- muggers of the midway)and I wish sometimes the refs would blow the whistle sooner.

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