Vikings-Packers MNF Game Tops All-Time Cable Record

Posted by Mike Wobschall on October 6, 2009 – 5:21 pm

Maybe it doesn’t come as a surprise, but the numbers are still a bit staggering. Monday night’s game between the Vikings and Packers, aired on ESPN by the Monday Night Football crew, produced a 15.3 rating and had 21.8 million viewers with 15.1 million HHs (households).

In layman’s terms, a lot of people turned on the TV and switched the dial to ESPN so they could watch the Vikings move to 4-0 after an intense 30-23 win.

Monday night’s Vikings-Packers tilt now tops a list of the 5 most-watched cable TV programs in history (in terms of households) that is comprised of all football games. #2 on the list is the Eagles-Cowboys game from 9/15/2008, #3 is Patriots-Ravens from 12/03/2007, #4 is Giants-Cowboys from 10/23/2006 and #5 is Panthers-Cowboys from 9/28/2009.

In addition, the list of top 5 most-watched cable TV programs in history (in terms of viewers) is topped by 3 football games (Vikings-Packers is #1).

Monday night’s game also registered the highest rating for an ESPN program, beating out Bears-Vikings from 1987 and Lions-Dolphins from 1994.

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