A Few Things To Watch During Childress Press Conference

Posted by Mike Wobschall on September 28, 2009 – 12:00 pm

Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress will hold his usual day-after-the-game press conference today at 12:30, and you can watch it live on by clicking here.

Here are a few issues I’ll be anxious to hear Childress address:

– Vikings RB Adrian Peterson had a workman-like day on Sunday, rushing for 85 yards on 19 carries for a 4.5-yard average. He didn’t have a signature, highlight-reel run, but the 4.5-yard average is solid and the 19 attempts helped balance out Brett Favre’s 46 pass attempts. At the same time, if you take away the 35-yard burst, Peterson’s stat line all of a sudden becomes concerning. I think the 49ers did a nice job of containing Peterson overall. So, I’ll be interested to see if Childress provides a little insight into what happened to cause this and what the Vikings will do to improve.

– The crowd was loud yesterday in the Metrodome, and I’m sure it was a factor in some of the San Francisco penalties and timeouts. It was also a factor, perhaps, in how the Vikings defense played. Childress has complimented in the past Vikings fans and their ability to make the Metrodome a hard place to play for opponents, and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear him do it again today.

– The blocked FG at the end of the 1st half was a huge play for San Francisco. It yielded a 10-point turnaround and definitely changed the dynamics of the game. Aside from diagnosing the particular error and who was responsible, it’ll be interesting to hear Childress’ perspective on how that changed the game.

– After Jared Allen’s strip-sack on the 1st play of the game, the Vikings didn’t generate much of a pass rush and in fact didn’t tally another sack during the game. San Francisco, meanwhile, was after Favre all day. I’m sure Childress will get into a discussion with reporters about where the blame lands for certain sacks – the QB holding the ball, receivers not getting open and thet line not protecting.

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  1. By mike on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Childress SUCKS!!! at PLAY CALLING Period!! thats our only problem… He really is bad at it… and He never has a Safty man on long field goals….Stupid dude!!

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