MVC: 2009-10 Costumes

Posted by Ryan Cardinal on September 9, 2009 – 1:15 pm

We unveiled our new costume, which we refer to as “Violet” in August, during pre-season.

I thought you might be interested to know what goes into preparing a new costume for the team.

I work alongside Deb Erickson from The Line Up to first create a drawing of the design we are looking to make.  I have always liked a V neckline on our costumes so that is were we begin.  (V is for Vikings!)

Deb will draw up a few mocks based on elements I have recommended and we begin to narrow down the selections for waistline, back, skirt, under brief, straps, seams, etc.  Once we have the design concept finished we select fabric.  The choices here are unending, but finding the right purple can be tricky.  Deb, and her wonderful staff then create a proto-type for us to use for sizing the team and testing the pattern and fit.  Once everyone is perfectly measured the waiting begins.  The production team at the Line Up work quickly to finish our new garments, including embellishing them with beautiful rhinestones and detailing.  I love the look of the wide waistband and V “belt buckle” we selected this year.  Then comes the grand unveiling!  The 2009 MVC loved the selection and we hope you the fans will enjoy the design as well!   I think it turned out pretty good and would sure look great in Super Bowl photos from Miami this year, don’t you agree?  GO VIKES!!

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