Common Storyline In Uncommon Matchup

Posted by Mike Wobschall on September 7, 2009 – 12:25 pm

The Vikings and Browns will begin their seasons this Sunday by facing one another in Cleveland. And while it may be true that the 2 squads are uncommon opponents – the last time Minnesota traveled to Cleveland for a regular season game was 1989 – perhaps the most interesting pregame storyline in this matchup is a common one. It’s the QB.

Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini is in his 1st year with Cleveland. Prior to joining the Browns, Mangini was the head coach of the New York Jets. Mangini’s staring QB last year in New York was…Brett Favre. So after spending the 2008 season on the same team, Favre and Mangini will begin the 2009 season on opposite sidelines.

The interesting QB storyline in this game doesn’t end there. Once the 2008 season ended, the big question in Cleveland surrounded the Browns QB position. Who would start – Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn?

Uncertainty at the QB position is something with which Vikings fans can identify. The Vikings were asking themselves the same question until the end of last month, when Favre decided to join the team. Oddly enough, there was a point in time far before Favre signed when speculation arose that the Vikings were actually considering trading for either Anderson or Quinn. That was speculation, of course, and those rumors were never actually confirmed.

But the truth or falsehood of those rumors aside, it adds to the interesting, multi-layered QB storyline that exists as the Browns and Vikings prepare to open the season together.

Even though the Vikings QB situation has been settled, don’t expect this particular storyline to go away. As of this posting, it was still unknown who would be starting for Cleveland in Week 1.

Asked how he would decide between Anderson and Quinn, Mangini said: “The information I have based on what they’ve done at this point is what the decision will be based on.”


Yeah, this storyline isn’t going away.

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