Vikings Announce 8-Man Practice Squad

Posted by Mike Wobschall on September 6, 2009 – 3:00 pm

The Vikings on Sunday signed the following players to their practice squad: DB Colt Anderson, QB John David Booty, OT Chris Clark, RB Ian Johnson, DT Tremaine Johnson, TE Garrett Mills, WR Nick Moore and OT Drew Radovich.

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  1. By barandon on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    go vikings

  2. By Matthew Haumschild on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I’m happy Ian Johnson found a job within the Vikings organization, even if it’s on the practice squad. Congrats all!

  3. By Jeris G on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Very surprised both Booty and Ian Johnson made the practice squad, very nice!

  4. By Simon on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I’m so happy they kept Ian Johnson. He is a great guy, on and off the field. Hopefully he will be able to do the roster next year. But if one of our three guys goes (don’t hope so…) he will step in right away and can be counted on… Next stop on our way to the superbowl – Cleveland, Ohio… Skol, Vikings!!!

  5. By MD Vikes fan on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I hope all you Johnson and Booty winer are happy now.

  6. By Nekia Calhoun on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Go Chris Clark!!! Show them what you can do.

  7. By Simon on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    ’m so happy they kept Ian Johnson. He is a great guy, on and off the field. Hopefully he will be able to do the roster next year. But if one of our three guys goes down (don’t hope so…) he will step in right away and can be counted on… Next stop on our way to the superbowl – Cleveland, Ohio… Skol, Vikings!!!

    Sorry guys… I missed a word… :-)

  8. By Baous on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Glad to see Ian and JD make the squad, but I wish the Vikes would bring back Herron and McCauley.

  9. By Big Sky Country on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    While we were all pulling for him to make the 53-man roster, glad to see Colt Anderson at least got on the practice squad. Keep you head up and just keep puttin’ in work, Colt!!

  10. By TE519 on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Hooray for Ian!!!

  11. By KATN on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Booty, Mills, Johnson, and Colt Anderson – Some gems that were overlooked by the “others”. While the squad may not be the dream shot – glad we got to keep them all around.

  12. By williow323 on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    think god they use there brains one time .i mean if brett gose down i dont see sage getting us there.if sage was going to be the man we should of kept guss.they both cant move but guss dosent throw ints for toch downs.

  13. By DJDublin on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Extremely happy to see that Johnson most importantly and Booty made the practice squad, just good to see them in our organization! Johnson is something special!

  14. By Gman on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Smart move to keep Ian Johnson on the list!! He is a VERY talented and GREAT all American guy. A VERY hard worker. We loved him in Boise. I hope he brings the Vikings success.

    Best wishes to you Ian!!! Show them what you got!!!

  15. By M Kaufman on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Way to go Colt! I’ve followed you through the Griz and hope to see you suited up next year on Sundays. I was happy to see Ian Johnson was picked up as well.
    Go GRIZ!

  16. By karter on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    im happy that they kept WR Moore HB Johnson and QB Booty especially Moore cuz bobby wade for me aint cutin it wish we would have also kept WR williams maybe next tie well get some more recievers cuz i wanna see more stufff comin from sydney Rice

  17. By Brent J on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I am surpised JDB went unclaimed, I figured someone like New Orleans might claim him.

    I am also surprised that Mills went unclaimed, knowing how big of a fuss Belichick made when we signed him, I thought he might have claimed Mills back.

  18. By David Cisco on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Glad to see Ian Johnson make the squad, Great character guy who just seems to energize those around him! Go Vikes!!!!

  19. By Big Man on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Chris Clark is a beast; the vikings got a great pick who will be starting at guard for them some day. I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan; we sure could use him right now. If the vikings ever let him slip, some other team will pick him up at the drop of the hat. A future pro-bowler and hall of famer for sure.

  20. By Lori Larson on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Way to go! I am so glad to see Ian Johnson was not cut. Smart move.

  21. By f garza on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Keep your head up lan this is just one step to great things to come. You are a viking now how dose that feel. SKOL VIKINGS

  22. By R Edwards on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Unlike several of the posts, I am not a relative or close personal friend of any of the player, I merely wish to see the VIKINGS TEAM succeed. In that vein, Booty, Johnson, Mills, and Radovich were important to return to the fold. Too bad about McCauley, however. I am eager to see how quickly and well the wide out depth develops: Reynaud and Johnson.

  23. By John on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I’m very pleased with the practice squad. Most of them are the players I was hoping they’d sign. I’m very impressed with Ian Johnson, glad we retained Garrett Mills and I think John David Booty deserved to develop further.

  24. By All Day on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Glad the Vikings kept Garrett Mills!! GO VIKINGS!!!!!!

  25. By Gary S. on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    JDB is a keeper, he should be the number 2. He is a winner, I hope he gets a shot in Minn.

  26. By 4eversteve on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Glad to see we were lucky enough that nobody pick-up Ian johnson I know that sounds bad how ever it gives him a chance to be mentered by two of the best backs in the NFL which will serve him well down the road. This young man has is a very good football player. We will see you on the active roster in the very near future.

  27. By boo on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Booty time will have to wait

  28. By Ben on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Way to go Colt, so glad to see all your hard work has paid off for you!!! Followed your career through U of M and hope to see more of you as a Viking. Go Vikes, Go Griz!!!

  29. By Phred on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I think that this 8-man practice squad team would put up 28 points or more on some of this year’s NFL defenses.

  30. By Vikings Fan from Afar on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    The Vikings are stacked this year. A number of good players didn’t make the team, or even the practice squad. I hope the guys who didn’t catch on are still going to work hard through the year in case the Vikings need to call some players up due to injuries. David Herron, Otis Grigsby, Jon Cooper, and all the others who made it to training camp- please don’t give up. You guys have talent and could be called up. I salute all the Vikings this year for their hard work and committment. I have been impressed by the energy and talent level of our team this year. Good luck and if we see you in Purple and Gold again, that would be great! Take care of yourselves.

  31. By realistic on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Why are all you surprised to see booty wasn’t claimed? The reason he wasn’t because he sucks and thats why he made it to the practice squad he never amount to anything more than a back up.

    Was glad to see colt make it there maybe down the road we will see him there knocking some heads off on sundays.


  32. By Rev. Fr. Theodore J. Mikovich on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Dear Mike,

    After reading the other comments with regard to Ian Johnson, it is great to see that the Vikes have a sensitive caring organization when they placed Ian Johnson on the practice squad. These days, one does not find that kind of a quality, hard working, individual such as Ian. I do not know him personally, but I have kept he and his wife in my prayers quite often.

    Fr. T

  33. By Dave Ulsteom on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Sorry to see Jake Nordin was`nt retained.Did a nice job blocking,& caught the ball when thrown to.

  34. By 4eversteve on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Ian Johnson hope you get a chance to read the Viking message board, keep working kid Viking fans are showing their love and respect for you see you in a pro bowl real soon.

  35. By MGR4FUN on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    wow … we got all i would hav chosen … i am glad JDB gets to hangout with favre and the boys … ian johnson is gonna play some football … i hav been pullin for radovich and mills … Tremaine listen up those two #93 & #94 hav a lot to share same goes for you mr clark … stay coachable men

  36. By Grizfan78 on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Glad to see Colt make the practice squad!!! Always nice to see those griz players represent the University of Montana, give it a few years and we will see him knockin some heads on sundays! JDB needs some work, Ian Johnson is too small, but still great,,,sucks to come to a team that is already stacked at RB’s, cause if he would have gone anywhere else he would be on the actual roster, and everyone else i agree with. GO VIKES!

  37. By Josh on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Go Packers

  38. By RB Bonner on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    This is such a great weekend. What a team…


  39. By daVikes on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Nice! glad to see Booty made it off waivers and onto the practice squad great job.

  40. By gary on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    i wish the vikes would have kept vinny peretta…he would have made a good slot man as a poor mans wes welker…i hope no one claims him and the vikes can do something with him

  41. By HornedHelm on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I felt after seeing the final Preseason game while Jackson had ‘no errors’ and Booty looked terrible that this was the plan all along. Yes, I’m saying that Booty was asked to look bad so other teams would look past him. On the other hand Jackson looked good…Stock up, that is what they wanted so they could still trade him out some how. Now that Booty is in the Practice squad..Just watch. Jackson will be shopped around.

  42. By vikingfan1955 on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I like th epractice squad sellection and I’m happy for johnson.I think he will get on the rooster b4 the end of the yr I hoe taylor and ap stay heallthy though.Johnson was outstanding in the final perseason game,It would have made no sense to trade jackson and keep booty after the way booty amd sage played the last game.Slao its nice to see jackson finally getting so much support.I have been for him alll along and still feel he can be a good starter and he will learn a lot wotking with favre this yr.I’m not sold on sage at all so far so jackson i’m still all for ya.

  43. By Go Griz! on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Colt You the man! Go Vikings, GO GRIZ!

  44. By Tom on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    What do these guys get paid on the practice squad?

  45. By iiE V ii L on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Thats good for all those guys.

  46. By Amanda on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    So excited to see Colt as a Viking, he is a person of strong character and a great player from BHS to Uof M to the Vikes way to go.,GO GRIZ

  47. By true vikings fan on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    im happy about Ian Johnson and John David Booty stay but im sad to see Marcus McCauley go! he wasnt that bad… hes probably better then any free agent CB out there.

  48. By Alvike on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Happy with the practice squad, not surprised by any of them. It would have been nice to bring back Herron and McCauley, but I’m not sure they were practice squad eligible; otherwise I’m sure they would have brought them back.

  49. By Teague on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    nice job this year vikings on your practice squad colt Anderson is a stud and will get a shot to show more of his stuff

  50. By Alvike on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Just did a search and found out McCauley is a Lion now.

  51. By Rick on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I am glad that jackson is still on the team to be 100% honest its really to bad that the vikings paid so much for sage. He should have been the odd man out. Booty is still way young Jackson has progressed every year and is starting to look like a leader and offers a lot with his mobility not only that but he would be great with the wild cat formations.

  52. By rap99 on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    stop with TJ, he sucks, no team would even offer a draft pick for him. he is not an nfl QB. 4 years and no real improvement. he lost the playoff game v philly for us b/c he still can’t look off defenders, he panics under pressure, and can’t read a defense, or p/u blitz.

  53. By KayDee on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I guess Boothy being a USC alum /Petie Carroll guy had somehting to do with this. Trade either Jackson or Sage for Brandon Marshal of Broncos!!!

  54. By gooding on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Chilly wants consistency and then the GM cuts Perretta..not a good decision

  55. By joel on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    I think a lot of people missed the preseason games, and missed the end of last year. I went to camp this year and t-jax looked very good and every year he has improved. That said i think sage should have been dealt and still should be, eat his contract bring booty up for more upside (Seriously we want to develop an old back-up). And congrats to Ian Johnson a vikes fan in florida pulling for you.

  56. By James Roldan on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Was down and out when i heard Booty was cut. However, this organization is not as dumb as I thought. Brett the former “Jet” is our only hope. Will not be surprised to see Brett go down sometime this season and then we will see the joke-N-Choke back-ups. Hope they go down as well and the “Booty” will rise and lead this team to the future and beyond…..

  57. By PurplePride on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Vikings made a big mistake with letting McCauley go – Best of luck to him in Detroit…..Congratulations to Ian Johnson!

  58. By KFlores on Sep 6, 2009 | Reply

    Glad to see Ian signed with the practice squad! Stand up guy with a ton of talent. Work hard like always Ian – you born for the NFL (plus a change in color is nice – no more green!)

  59. By Alan on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Being a long-time BIG Vikings fan, I was a little shocked we let McCauley and Herron go if we could have gotten them on to our practice squad. Otherwise, I felt we did a GREAT job keeping some guys with a lot of potential for us in the upcoming seasons.

  60. By Hextall04 on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply


  61. By BBQ Platypus on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    I’m actually not all that surprised that JDB went unclaimed. I am quite relieved, however, that Ian Johnson made it through. I like him a lot.

  62. By jimbo92107 on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    I was amazed that Ian Johnson wasn’t snapped up on waivers. He could be a #2 RB for several teams right now. However, I think he does need to pack on a few pounds of muscle up top. Build up those pectorals and guns and watch him become even more explosive. He may not feel like it right now, but Ian Johnson is in just the right place at the right time. Learn all you can from Peterson and Taylor, pump some iron, and stay hungry Ian. Your time will come.

  63. By Jean Claude Bruneau on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Good morning,

    Happy for Ian Johnson with the Vikings, however in my eyes (as a pure Viking fan since 1973 coming from France)he should have been on the regular squad. This guy has the skills, talent, technical vision, even though is size is not the greatest, and it prove it with Boise State , which I followed very close, that smartnes compensate wit size and showed US what he was capable off. On the top of his skills, he is the greatest team player to have in a team with the best ethical behavior. Hope he will go to the team ASAP.

  64. By Tom Schiefer on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Glad to see Nick Moore on the list – having seen him play the last 3 years at Toledo, I was impressed by his great talent.

  65. By KTVB on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Ian will be another Marcus Allan.

  66. By Russell Smith on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Congratulations to Nick Moore. I have known him, his brother Lance (of the New Orleans Saints), his Mother and Father for a very long time and couldn’t be more thrilled for him and his family. I wish him the best of luck and hope he makes the 53 man roster soon! Congratulations again Nick.

  67. By PAVikesFan on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    With Booty’s performance on Friday, I’m not surprised he got cut, cleared waivers, then re-signed to the practice squad. But I am glad they did re-sign him, b/c there is still some potential in him I believe. I’m surprised that Ian Johnson cleared waivers. He looked pretty solid in the pre-season. I think he also has some potential to do some things in this league, it’s just a shame that he may never get the opportunity with this team, but he could always be traded down the road.

  68. By Jeremy Miles on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    It is nice to see that Ian Johnson was signed to the practice sqaud. He has alot of talent and is capable of being on the active roster. As far as QB goes it is good that JDB made the practice sqaud…. Right now this is where he belongs. He is the 4th best. Time will tell but I do not see him ever being a starter in Minnesota. Sage is a lifelong backup. (too much $$$) Tarvis has true talent and is capable of starting this year and being succesful. Still hope he gets another shot. GO VIKES.

  69. By Nat on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Very tough choices even for a practice squad. I am really surprised to see that Herron didn’t make the roster over 2 Offensive Lineman. I also thought Burnett played very well and figured he would end up with a spot (but only since I figured at least one more of our guys would have been signed).

    They definitely made the right choices on Johnson/Booty/Moor/Clark/Anderson/Mills.

  70. By Erik on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    I still don’t understand why people think JDB is better then Tarvaris Jackson. Oh well, he’s on the team, so you can’t really complain with that.

  71. By LMRZ45 on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply


  72. By LMRZ45 on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    going to wear my cheesehead hat…and root the vikings on…go brett!! Used to support the packers but am not a “thompson” fan…so hope the packers go down the toiet with thompson…go vikings!!!

  73. By LMRZ45 on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply


  74. By Danny on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Congrats to the 8, very happy to see I.Johnson stay in the Vikings Organization, the dude showed up for Pre season and played hard.

  75. By Nicholas on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Practice squad guys make a little over $5k a week, for up to 17 weeks. They are also free to sign as an active roster player with other teams.

  76. By KP on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Sad to see Jake Nordin go. He will land on a team, tho.

  77. By mike on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Excellent practice squad… only ? is that I would have thought with 6 WRs on the team that you would have left that spot for someone like maybe Otis Grigsby.

    Is that just based on having a guy for scout team for 4 WR sets or is there actually a possibility that Nick Moore might be able to add something to the team down the road. From the limited action I saw from him, he really kind of blew his chances with a few drops although he had some redemption.

    Or are the Vikes planning on using more 4 and 5 WR sets in the future?

  78. By mike on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    oops… ignore this post I forgot to click notify me of followup comments

  79. By Montreal vikings fan on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    Was kinda shocked when johnson was cut, thought he could make a push for 3rd rb. but at least he still with us, same with booty

  80. By hamilton on Sep 7, 2009 | Reply

    I thought ian johnson was gonna get claimed im glad hes still with us though coaches should have gave him more speacial teams plays to show wat hes made of

  81. By Robert on Sep 8, 2009 | Reply

    Minnesota is so lucky to have got Ian Johnson I have been a fan for a long time
    good luck in your NFL career Ian you deserve it loved you at Boise I will keep wherein your jersey proud.

  82. By jeffreeee on Sep 8, 2009 | Reply

    I personally think it is a miracle we got to keep JD Booty in my Opinion he is better than 95% of the leagues current 3rd Stringers. However most of all I am very very Glad to see we didnt end up trading T Jack. Tavaris Time will come soon enough. 9 TD’s only 2 INT’s last year and everyone wants to run the guy out of town. If he can learn some things from Favre this year he could be even better.

    Go VIKINGS!!!

  83. By Jason D on Sep 8, 2009 | Reply

    I agree with Jeffreeee. Nice to see some other Tarvaris believers out there. Favre could be very helpful to Jackson. We will just wait and see…

  84. By chuck mapes on Sep 8, 2009 | Reply

    NICE! glad to see they kept Johnson!

  85. By tminton on Aug 3, 2010 | Reply

    what happened to Marlon Winn from Texas Tech

  86. By lhartless on Sep 4, 2010 | Reply

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Colt Anderson got an offer from another team. He deserves a better shot!

  87. By Johnk67 on Apr 28, 2014 | Reply

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