Mariucci: Favre Has the Same Zip

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 19, 2009 – 4:46 pm

As mentioned in the previous entry, former NFL head coach and current NFL Network personality Steve Mariucci was at Winter Park on Wednesday watching practice and catching up with familiar faces, including QB Brett Favre. Mariucci was the QBs coach in Green Bay during the early part of Favre’s career and the two have remained close since then.

On Wednesday, Mariucci stood on the sideline and watched the Vikings workout inside the Winter Park field house. Favre was rifling passes into receivers and Mariucci stood there shaking his head with a smile on his face.

“I had the pleasure of coaching Brett during his first four years in Green Bay,” Mariucci told me. “He was just a kid; he’s a little bit grayer now, as you’ve noticed. But when I watch practice, he seems to still have the same zip on the ball.”

Mariucci also commented on how he thought the Vikings presented a good situation for Favre because they are coming off a 10-6 record and a division title in 2008. He also said the presence of RB Adrian Peterson makes the Vikings-Favre reunion a good one for the player and team.

“Brett has had some good running backs in his career,” Mariucci said. “And they’ve always had good balance, run and pass. But Adrian is probably the best running back, I know Edgar Bennett and Ahman Green and Dorsey Levens are going ‘Wait a minute!’, and they were good, too. But this guy (Peterson) is special and Brett’s gotta learn to play with more play-action than drop back pass maybe, and that’s okay”

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13 Responses to “Mariucci: Favre Has the Same Zip”

  1. By JRR on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply

    You have got to be kidding….I can’t believe we signed farve this is worse than the trade for walker

  2. By prixmogtp on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply

    LOL not even close to the walker trade. that trade ruined the vikes,and gave the cowboys there team in the 90′s. This i feel can only make the vikes better.

  3. By lzredd on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply

    I can’t believe the Vikings are being so stupid, he’s not going to help this team at all. I’m a huge fan of the Vikings, but it’s going to be hard seeing Favre in a purple jersey, plus he’s probably playing for them so he can get revenge for what he thinks the Packers did to him. I hate to say it, but I hope he fails miserably.

  4. By CA Norwegian on Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

    Remember coach wanted him, coach called him, coach went and picked him up like a prom date in their own bird. I only wonder if when he got out of coaches car, if coach ran around and got the door. Was it Decon Jones that said QBs should wear dresses? This time for Brett it was true, it was like a prom dress, but it was a Childress. Coach knows about QBs best, and coach spent a little dough on the last piece of the puzzle.(which from a revenue standpoint alone was genius) Naturally, Brett will not last long, but if they find a good one in the first round next year, then will Brett decide to be fatherly on this team and not just at home? When Brett goes into the HOF will he take purple with him? Walker was great when there was talent around him opening up holes, this is so far from that – even if the same were true for Favre, there is so much talent everywhere on this team. If your team is so good that they skunk everyone do you end up cheering or bored in the end?

  5. By PurplePeopleEater on Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

    Personally, I’m screaming my head off! That’s not weird is it? To be so turned omn by skunks? :-P

  6. By the horned norseman on Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

    o.k., first of all whatever “coach” did as far as favre was concerned,was done at the behest of the owners & with their blessings to improve this team at that position.none of this whining & pi**ing & moaning would be going on if it was a player at any other position.would ANY of you crybabies be carrying on like this if they(owners & “coach”) went out and aquired say, T.O.,or tony gonzales!!?? i DOUBT IT! this goes for positions on BOTH sides of the ball,it wouldn’t be an issue. i said it before & i’ll say it again,quit whining,& root for your team,otherwise go become a fan of the canadien football league,or maybe dallas!LETS GO VIKINGS!!!!

  7. By rap99 on Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

    if favre stays healthy, this will be a good move, he knows the system as well as anyone. wonder who will be let go? TJ or booty? i hope they can trade TJ and finally end that debate. i hated favre as a packer, but will root for him in purple. LETS GO VIKES!! LETS GO BRETT!!

  8. By rap99 on Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

    JRR ,you on acid? CA, i agree, this move was sheer genius by ownership, ticket sales, merchandise, and it will not hurt the new stadium drive.

  9. By PurplePeopleEater on Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

    I heard TJ was already being shopped around, with a few teams looking at him as their backup. Cincinnati and St Louis are rumored to be candidates that might give a 5th rounder for him. Until Favre said he was “staying retired” a few weeks ago Jackson was asking to be traded. After the 1st home game last year, when the entire stadium was screaming for him to be benched, I would be surprised if he wanted to stay on the team.

  10. By blacknblue on Aug 21, 2009 | Reply

    Let him be someone elses problem, I’d trade him for a bag of chips.

  11. By purple08 on Aug 21, 2009 | Reply

    t jack has been put on the winnipeg blue bombers(CFL) negotiating list. i would think he could land a job in the nfl before they shipped him up north. he is still better than sage.(9 yrs-12 starts)

  12. By purple08 on Aug 22, 2009 | Reply

    mariucci is a goof! he is so in love with brett it is disgusting! I’d like to punch him and Rich Eisen both in the nose!

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