Harvin: “He’s (Favre) Helped Me Already”

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 18, 2009 – 4:07 pm

During training camp, Vikings rookie Percy Harvin said it was “a dream come true” to be playing in the NFL with a player such as RB Adrian Peterson. On Tuesday, with his team signing QB Brett Favre, the dream has continued.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be able to play with a Hall of Famer,” Harvin said today after practice. “I’m just blessed. It’s a tremendous honor in my first year to be able to play with guys of that caliber. But you add Brett to the equation and I couldn’t be in a better situation right now. Everything happens for a reason so I’m glad I’m here.”

Harvin also said that the presence of Favre on the team has already had an influence on him.

“He’s helped me out already and he’s only been here for a couple hours,” Harvin said. “There was one play when I ran an out (route)…we hooked up but there were some little things he gave me to make the route better or to help recognize the defense.”

But Vikings fans can be sure that the Favre-Harvin relationship will be a 2-way street. Favre will impart his knowledge on the young receiver, but Harvin also has a few tricks up his sleeve that will ease the veteran QBs transition to Minnesota.

“He said ‘make me look good’,” Harvin said of his encounter with Favre in Winter Park earlier today,”and I said I’d do my best.”

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4 Responses to “Harvin: “He’s (Favre) Helped Me Already””

  1. By MiamiJer on Aug 18, 2009 | Reply

    With Favre at the QB helm, Minnie will no longer have a one dimensional offense. Just like last year with NY, the Vikings will stop seeing the defensive box stacked at the line with the constant threat that Favre may throw down field. Instead of constantly anticipating a Peterson run, defenses will have to play honestly and spread out to cover all the angles. With that in mind, Peterson should have a great year, just like Thomas Jones with the Jets last season. Since Brett will no longer have to carry the team on his shoulders, he should be more patient and force fewer plays this season. Before his injury with the Jets last year, Favre had a 3 to 1 TD to INT ratio and a completion percentage over 70%. This is by far the best team that Brett has played on since the Superbowl Packers team from ’96 to ’98.

  2. By CA Norwegian on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply

    It is hard to imagine Adrian having as good a year as last for touches and yards. Harvin and the other receivers will be getting more touches with Farve back there. I do think his Yards per carry will go up because of all the dispersals of the ball will force defenders back as stated by MiamiJer. TE @ colts looked good with Sage.

  3. By DIB on Aug 19, 2009 | Reply

    1st SUPERBOWL?

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