“All Day” Improving Every Day

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 11, 2009 – 11:42 am

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is arguable the best RB in the NFL. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking for improvement every time he steps out on the practice field.

One area in which he could be utilized more frequently is the pass game. The Vikings do have an excellent receiving RB in Chester Taylor, and the team should continue to use him in the way they have over the past 2 seasons. But there’s also no question that involving Peterson in the passing game would only serve to make #28 a more lethal offensive weapon.

“He’s not a satisfied guy,” Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress said after this morning’s practice. “He’s not sitting back on his laurels and patting himself on the back. He wants to be well-rounded, he wants to be diversified. While he may be as good a running back as there is in the league, he wants to be great in all facets. So, you’ve got to give it to him from the standpoint of working on your weaknesses or perceived weaknesses. And getting better at something he can get better at. He can get better and he knows he can, and he’s resolute about doing that.”

Childress told reporters that he’s seen Peterson make improvements in both the run game and the pass game, something that other teams in the NFL probably don’t like to hear.

“I’ve seen growth in both run game reads and patience with that,” Childress explained. “I’ve seen growth in his understanding of pass protections and his position in pass protections. I think he’s taken strides there. They’ll continue to come with some of the game speed stuff that’s likely to happen, but I have seen some decent growth there.”

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