An Interesting Fact On Winfield, Sullivan

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 6, 2009 – 4:33 pm

A lot of times interviews and press conferences become awfully redundant, especially at training camp when players, coaches and reporters are cooped up in the same location for weeks on end. But then there are times when interesting facts come out, and one of those instances occurred today (Thursday) during Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress’ press conference.

A reporter asked Childress about C John Sullivan’s penchent for taking notes.

“We have some copious note-takers,” Childress said. “Antoine Winfield being one of them, he could probably publish a book on those spiral notebooks, he has volumes of information on whether it’s lectures or technique or film study on personnel in this division that he’s played. The good ones and the better ones do that. They build their repertoire and go back and look at those. I see that from Sullivan. I sit back behind his shoulder, he’s not just sitting there with his book closed and staring out into space. He is writing a good bit.”

Just an interesting fact I thought I’d pass along.

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Some Official Help

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 6, 2009 – 3:33 pm

I mentioned in an earlier blog entry today that a handful of NFL officials joined the Vikings at practice today and that on Friday they would meet with the media to go over the rules changes for 2009. But before the officials meet with the media, they will spend time with the team on the practice field and in meeting rooms.

“They come ready to work,” Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress said. “I get them in all the meetings. They’ll make a presentation today at 4 p.m. about what rule changes there are and there is a video that goes along with that.  I would rather be proactive about it and have them throw the laundry out on the field.”

Having referees calling penalties during practice could slow the tempo down slightly, but Childress said he told his team last night that he wants the officials to “call them like they see them” so that the players will know what to expect when the preseason and regular season roll around.

“They have teaching seminars,” Childress said, “and they can teach us what they learn and what points of emphasis there are. They can say, “Hey, if you do this I’m going to call that, but if you do this I’m not going to call that.” Certainly they can help us and I think our guys are going to use it that way.”

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Morning Practice Notes

Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 6, 2009 – 1:48 pm

A few notes from this morning’s practice before we head out to a 1 hour special teams practice this afternoon…

– Vikings WR Sidney Rice had a nice morning practice today, hauling in a number of catches during various periods and making a great play over a CB down the right sideline. At 6-4, 202 pounds, Rice is a big target with great hands and he’s entering a year that could really be a turning point for him.

– Another Vikings WR, Percy Harvin, also had a great day. He caught deep balls from both Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels today, stirring the Vikings fans in attendance and showcasing his impressive speed.

– Speaking of Vikings fans, they continue to pack both sets of large bleachers and crowd the fences surrounding the Minnesota State practice fields. I don’t know what the exact attendance numbers have been so far during camp, but I’m betting they are higher than last year’s numbers.

– A group of NFL officials joined the Vikings today for practice. They will be hear today and also tomorrow, when they will meet with the media to go over rule changes for this season.

– LB E.J. Henderson met with a large group of youngsters from his E.J. Henderson Youth Foundation following this morning practice.

– DT Tremaine Johnson has switched to jersey #95. He previously was wearing #67.

– Weather conditions remain pretty ideal for training camp, but I hear that the temperatures are expected to increase, maybe well into the 90s. We’ll see, but so far we’ve been fortunate with the weather we’ve had.

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Posted by Mike Wobschall on August 6, 2009 – 8:42 am’s Steve Wyche was in Mankato yesterday as part of his tour of NFL camps, one of several national media members to come through Vikings training camp this week. And although he only spent a day here, Wyche filed a couple of reports that are worth a read.

This comprehensive report from Wyche addresses several toics, including the Vikings QB situation, rookie WR Percy Harvin and LBs Jasper Brinkley and E.J. Henderson. Also, put together a general page that touches on a key position battle, a fantasy football analysis of the Vikings and 3 key questions the Purple have heading into 2009.

Today should be another busy day at training camp, with 2 practices scheduled and more national media members set to arrive.’s Peter King just walked into our workroom, so we’ll try to catch up with him at some point today. That’s it for now, we’ll be back later with more updates

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