The Last Word (for now) on the Winfield Extension

Posted by Mike Wobschall on July 24, 2009 – 9:04 am

There were a lot of moving parts yesterday as we tried to give you as much information as possible pertaining to the contract extension signed by CB Antoine Winfield. From the press release to a couple blog entries to the sitdown interview, there was a lot of Winfield-related coverage on

And now we have some more. But I think this will be the last word on it.

When word broke internally of the completed contract extension between Winfield and the club, I hustled up to the front office to congratulate Antoine and get his reaction. As time went on, Winfield spoke to local beat writers from the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, Associated Press and Viking Update. Through it all, Winfield gave some candid answers and we just weren’t able to incorporate all of his quotes into yesterday’s coverage.

So, instead of trying to incorporate them into our coverage and create the illusion that I can actually string together several thoughts and compliment those thoughts and opinions with actual quotes, we’ll just list the quotes below.

“It was important for me because I want to finish my career here. This is my last stop. You usually see a lot of players, when they get up there in age, they go to different teams. That won’t happen with me. I won’t be bouncing around from team to team. Once I’m done playing for the Minnesota Vikings, my career is over.”

“I’ve been in the league ten years. My last five years in this purple uniform I’ve played my best football. Not only that, this team gives me an opportunity to win a championship right now. That’s very important to me. I definitely want to win a Super Bowl. My family is comfortable here. It gives my kids a few more years to go to school with their friends. And some security. Who wants to go into their last year on their contract with so much uncertainty? I’m glad the Vikings stepped up and reached out and got a great deal done.”

“I always enjoy going out and playing football in front of Minnesota Vikings fans. This is a great place to raise a family. I am just excited, I can’t wait.”

“When you get up in years in this league, I’ve seen it happen. Guys get over 30 and teams aren’t sure about their abilities. Guys start sliding around from team to team or they get cut. But this gives me a chance to exhale and not have to worry about that. I’m just excited about the season and I think we can do something really special this year.”

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  1. By rap99 on Jul 24, 2009 | Reply

    glad this deal got done, now if we could settle the QB position, sign harvin and loadholt we’re set!

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