Peterson at Winter Park to Watch Tourney

Posted by Mike Wobschall on July 10, 2009 – 2:01 pm

As if the presence of an NFL Films crew, Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress and a highly-competitive environment wasn’t already enough to sufficiently motivate 180-some high school football players during a 7-on7 tournament held at Winter Park, now another source of motivation has arrived. And that motivation comes in the form of 2007 NFL Rookie of the Year and league superstar Adrian Peterson.

With 4 fields for the 16 teams to play on at Winter Park, 8 teams are playing and the other 8 teams are resting at any given time. And for the 8 teams that are resting right now, you can probably imagine where their attention has turned.

The Vikings team is currently in the middle of their 4th game of the round robin portion of this tournament, but they should be concluding soon and then they, too, will get a glimpse of Peterson.

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